Terrell Owens Reveals the Truth Behind Infamous Driveway Workout (Untold Stories)


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  • An3
    An3  4 days back

    Truth is, God don't even know why T.O. does what he does.
    Look at him here, actin like he was just listening to his head Coach, right after his head Coach told him to leave camp... Sure Bro. What a Disappointment.

    • BroadswordMedia
      BroadswordMedia  7 days back

      Well considering it's TO there might be more to the story than what he just said. Still a funny story though.

      • Gabriel Cain-Martinez
        Gabriel Cain-Martinez  7 days back

        When I first clicked on I thought it was gridiron heights vid

        • Christian Banks
          Christian Banks  1 weeks back


          • Run Run Shaw
            Run Run Shaw  1 weeks back

            We still love you in Philly T.O.!!!!! Thank you for that Superbowl run.

            • Omega8kilo
              Omega8kilo  1 weeks back

              Simms is a clown

              • Sicknowledge NorCalFinest

                T.O. is the Man #81. 49'ners for life.

                • Vuthearith Keary
                  Vuthearith Keary  1 weeks back

                  I’m no Owens fan but I never knocked him for the workout. Having watched this, eh.

                  • gamer pro omg
                    gamer pro omg  1 weeks back

                    Too bad his QB couldn't handle the pressure when it counted.

                    • Matt Britzius
                      Matt Britzius  1 weeks back

                      Just go sign autographs... What a selfish prick.

                      • new hire
                        new hire  1 weeks back

                        Funny how everybody use to cry about TO when all the guy did was perform & entertain..

                        • ShreksLeftTesticle 69
                          ShreksLeftTesticle 69  2 days back

                          An3 no u

                        • An3
                          An3  4 days back

                          @Kobe Robertson SMD

                        • Kobe Robertson
                          Kobe Robertson  4 days back

                          @An3 stop

                        • An3
                          An3  4 days back

                          He's the AB of his time...

                        • aj b
                          aj b  6 days back

                          He was a locker room cancer always fighting and shit

                      • Ethan Richards
                        Ethan Richards  1 weeks back

                        Both these guys got ran out of the league and went broke but they still have an ego....smfh

                        • Standback Watchthis
                          Standback Watchthis  1 weeks back

                          Ethan Richards Nah Chad not broke lmao

                        • Steezy
                          Steezy  1 weeks back

                          Shut the fuck up bruh

                        • Steezy
                          Steezy  1 weeks back

                          @MikeBNumba6 on god Chad drives a cheap ass car

                        • MikeBNumba6
                          MikeBNumba6  1 weeks back

                          Chad not broke. He was always cheap and not flashy

                      • shindean
                        shindean  1 weeks back

                        Andy Reid would be yelling at someone to stay in shape while reaching for his bag of McDonald's 😆

                        • 기린
                          기린  1 weeks back

                          PS : you didn't explain how it was even remotely relevant to the topic btw.
                          But 'ill play along you're clearly not retarded *wink wink*

                        • 기린
                          기린  1 weeks back

                          @shindean And how did you get "I do not watch football" or "I'm a KC fanboy" from that sentence ?
                          I'm legitimately curious.

                        • shindean
                          shindean  1 weeks back

                          @기린 oh, now suddenly you don't watch football. Ok...I'll play along, you're clearly not a KC fan boy😆

                        • 기린
                          기린  1 weeks back

                          @shindean And that's even remotely relevant here becauuuuuse ? 🤔🤔🤔

                        • shindean
                          shindean  1 weeks back

                          @기린 the Eagles won the championship by getting rid of Andy with less trips to the postseason, but you don't see what's funny about lacking at your job😆

                      • John Boutte
                        John Boutte  1 weeks back

                        “Misery loves company”... two ex nfl players that keep pouting bc they aren’t in the hof. That’s why you always see them together.

                        • CJ S
                          CJ S  1 weeks back

                          @John Boutte bouta be 2yrs lol. I'm curious on who's gonna get in with this class. Since there's gonna be 20 inductees.

                        • John Boutte
                          John Boutte  1 weeks back

                          CJ S last year fam

                        • CJ S
                          CJ S  1 weeks back

                          Owens made the hof like 2 years ago fam

                        • John Boutte
                          John Boutte  1 weeks back

                          Maxwell Truesdale Jr true but what i said is likely true as well

                        • Maxwell Truesdale Jr
                          Maxwell Truesdale Jr  1 weeks back

                          John Legba i mean they do, because honestly you see receivers now that do all these type of celebrations and they get glorified for it. But when chad Johnson and TO did it, they weren’t “professional” or it was too much. The media are hypocrites and I respect what both of them did as pro football players

                      • Joel Williams
                        Joel Williams  1 weeks back

                        This is horseshit...

                        • E Double
                          E Double  1 weeks back

                          B R O K E

                          • Jay Jordan
                            Jay Jordan  1 weeks back

                            T. O. Needs to start a podcast it would be great

                            • d jnifer f
                              d jnifer f  12 months back

                              So why are they wearing shades

                              • aj b
                                aj b  6 days back

                                king chase naw he probably ain’t never did prob before

                              • king chase
                                king chase  1 weeks back

                                I take it you've never been in front of camera lights

                              • Daniel Miles
                                Daniel Miles  1 weeks back


                            • Thomas Cremens
                              Thomas Cremens  12 months back

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                              • Nick Sacco
                                Nick Sacco  12 months back

                                Its crazy how they still are in amazing shape. Eagles still need some receiver help so if either you are available we'd appreciate it

                                • Flylights
                                  Flylights  12 months back

                                  Still hate him...

                                  • Bucs #1 Fan
                                    Bucs #1 Fan  1 weeks back

                                    He doesn't even know you exist, lol

                                • MC TDAWG
                                  MC TDAWG  12 months back

                                  Le'von Bell will soon be joining the ranks of NFL unemployed like Chad, Terrell, Kaepernick and Dez...

                                  • aj b
                                    aj b  6 days back

                                    luhoiud Ewfewe yea have u seen dez and Colin Kaepernick they like hot o n shit don’t undermine them

                                  • luhoiud Ewfewe
                                    luhoiud Ewfewe  2 weeks back

                                    MC TDAWG 😂 cmon bro two of those guys dont belong with the others

                                  • dog person
                                    dog person  12 months back

                                    Terrell hasn't played since 2010 do u know that

                                  • Scott Faehner
                                    Scott Faehner  12 months back

                                    Mario Castillo nah, he the best back in the AFC, when he's there. He will get the bag

                                • Baldino Salvador
                                  Baldino Salvador  12 months back

                                  "Excuse guys, i'm tryna stay in shape" lol

                                  • Justin Dion
                                    Justin Dion  12 months back


                                    • israel duncan
                                      israel duncan  12 months back

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                                      • Zen Liggons
                                        Zen Liggons  12 months back

                                        Pure legend

                                        • Rish The Fish
                                          Rish The Fish  12 months back

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                                          • Adit Mittal
                                            Adit Mittal  12 months back

                                            I AM SUBBING TO EVERY ONE WHO LIKES THIS AND SUBS TO ME ✔👍 Love you guys

                                          • The Bucket
                                            The Bucket  12 months back

                                            3rd I guess

                                            • Harsha Kadiyala
                                              Harsha Kadiyala  12 months back

                                              first comment

                                              • Josh Johnson
                                                Josh Johnson  12 months back

                                                The Ear piece Part was a great piece of information that makes that piece of football history just a bit more legendary, and puts every piece in place, I never would have been able to piece that together.